Backgammon is one of the many games offered at online casinos. If you are a fan of this very interesting game, know that it is possible to play it on the Internet and to earn money, if you wish.

Here we tell you how to play backgammon online.

Register and start the game

To play Backgammon online , you must first register with an online gaming site that offers this type of game. It is possible to play for free or for real money.

To begin with, know that Backgammon is characterized by a Plateau, Jan and pawns. The objective is to make sure that all your pawns are at the level of the arrival january before you take them out one by one. If you manage to get all your pawns out before your opponent, you win the game.

The board is divided into four areas each containing six arrows. Each of the zones is called Jan (exterior and interior). At the start of the game, each player has an outside and an inside jan. The two parts being separated by a bar, it is easy to distinguish the Jans.

In addition, the players each have 15 pawns (white or black) which are arranged in the following manner at the start of the game: five pawns at the level of arrow six, three at the level of arrow eight, five at the level of arrow thirteen and two at boom twenty-four.


The players take turns playing . You must roll the dice, then, depending on the number obtained, move one or more pawns. White pawns must be moved in the same direction as clockwise, unlike black pawns which move counterclockwise.

Each of the arrows representing a square, your pawns must cross all the arrows to reach the Jan of arrival.

The advancement of pawns

There are two possibilities for the players to move the pawns. Indeed, you can choose to move two different pawns according to the number displayed by the two dice. A second possibility is to move a single pawn , but twice. First, based on the number displayed on the first die and second, based on the number displayed on the face of the second die.

In addition, you are authorized to move your pawns only if, depending on the number displayed by the dice, the pawn falls on an empty arrow, an arrow with an opponent’s pawn or an arrow containing your own pawns.

On the other hand, if your pawn lands on an arrow with several of your opponent’s pawns, you cannot move it. Note that all the pawns must imperatively reach the level of the jan of arrival before being taken out one by one.

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